Waterproofing works

Waterproofing protects building structures from moisture, increases their service life, helps maintain normal humidity inside the building.
The company «K M C» performs high-quality and timely waterproofing works during the construction, reconstruction, repair, finishing of buildings of any structure, including foundations, basement walls, ceilings and roofs.

Waterproofing works


To protect against moisture, company «KMC» uses the following technologies:

  • penetrating waterproofing Penetron: applying solutions with a special composition. Their components penetrate deep into the thickness of the concrete. Upon contact with moisture, they crystallize, filling pores and voids. Additionally, this increases the frost resistance and strength of concrete. The technology is used for foundations, ceilings, monolithic walls, other concrete and reinforced concrete structures;
  • installation of roll materials. Applied in two coats to create a durable moisture barrier. Bitumen-based materials are used for foundations, basement walls and plinths, flat roofs. When waterproofing the foundation, in order to additionally protect the waterproofing layer from damage, profiled membranes can be installed;
  • coating materials. Create a continuous moisture-proof layer, can be used for curved surfaces;
  • cement compounds. Used for flooring, to protect vertical surfaces. Forms a seamless waterproof barrier.

    For greater reliability, company «KMC» recommends combining methods of protection against moisture in order to exclude its effect on building structures.


Waterproofing works order

Employees of the company «KMC» perform waterproofing, observing the requirements of the technology and ensuring high-quality work:

  • during the construction of a new facility, work is carried out using the technologies and materials specified in the project documentation;
  • during reconstruction, repair, the causes of leaks, the operating conditions of building structures, their characteristics are taken into account;
  • before the installation of a waterproofing layer, a thorough preparation of the base is carried out: cleaning, leveling, applying soil;
  • Proper installation of waterproofing ensures its reliability and durability.

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Roof cleaning and sanding

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