Finishing works

Our company performs finishing works of large objects, including offices, country houses, shops, industrial premises. They begin after the completion of the construction or reconstruction of the facility, the installation of windows, the connection of communications.

Finishing works

Rough finishing works

   Electrical installation. Before laying the cables, the walls are marked out, ditched. Cables are placed in gates and fixed. Install electrical panel, RCD, mounting boxes. At this stage, switches and sockets are not installed — they are installed after finishing the premises.

   Plastering. Performed for wall surfaces, ceilings. They are plastered to level before finishing. If the walls or ceiling have large irregularities, putty is used. Another option is to level the surfaces with drywall sheets. They are mounted using self-tapping screws, profile systems, glue.

   Draft floor. On large objects, bulk self-leveling floors are used. After hardening, they form a flat surface on which the floor covering is laid.

   Plumbing work. Installation of pipes, filters, collectors is in progress. Pipelines are assembled from steel, plastic or metal-plastic pipes, controlling the tightness of the joints.

   Heating installation. When arranging the heating system, radiators and metal-plastic pipes are installed. The installation is carried out in accordance with the design documentation, which is drawn up taking into account the size of the premises, the characteristics of thermal insulation, wall materials, the number and size of window and door openings.


Fine finish

Painting works. Before painting the walls and ceiling, they are primed to reduce paint consumption. Coloring is best done in several layers to get a uniform saturated color.

Decorative plaster or wallpaper. Decorative plaster is applied to prepared, leveled surfaces. Depending on the composition and texture, it can imitate natural stone, aged plaster surfaces, etc. Wallpapering is performed after preliminary priming. It is possible to use paper, textile, non-woven, vinyl wallpaper.

Floor covering. The terms of the work, their complexity and price depend on the type of coverage chosen. When decorating office space, carpet, linoleum, and laminate are good options. More expensive, durable coatings are natural parquet or porcelain stoneware. Skirting boards are installed along the perimeter of the floor at the joints with the walls, which hide the unevenness of the joints, give the floor a complete, neat appearance. Inside the skirting boards there are holes for hidden wiring.

Door installation. The installation of interior doors begins with the installation of the door frame. To do this, it is precisely aligned vertically and horizontally. If there are even small deviations, the door will turn out to be skewed, it will close or open on its own. After installing the box, the voids between it and the opening are filled with mounting foam. Further, the perimeter of the opening is decorated with extensions, platbands. At the next stages, fittings, door leaf are installed.

The quality of the finishing work depends on how comfortable, beautiful the room will be. You can order the execution of fine and rough finishing of offices, shops and other large objects in the «KMC» construction company.


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