Construction of houses

The company «K M C» builds private houses, villas and cottages in the Paphos region and throughout Cyprus. The construction of houses includes design, preparation of sites for construction, summing up communications, construction and finishing works.

Construction of houses


Complex contract. You can order the performance of all works in our company: from design to electrical installation in a finished building. The company «KMC» has a fleet of special equipment, a staff of specialists. Subcontracting is possible.

Quality. We take into account the characteristics of the site, comply with building standards and other norms, and use reliable construction technologies.

Cooperation. The «KMC» company will select construction technologies, building materials, and ensure their supply. The planned work is carried out without disruption of the schedule. Competent organization of construction allows you to build villas and townhouses in just a few months.

Stages of construction of a private residential building

Design.   It is carried out after surveys, assessment of the characteristics of the site, development, coordination of the draft design. It involves the development of detailed technical information describing construction technologies, materials used, and work procedures. The finished documentation contains an estimate with the exact prices for materials, services, the calculated total cost of the project.

Training.   Clearing, profiling, leveling the territory, arranging drainage, dismantling old buildings, structures, etc.

Building erection.   Summing up communications, arrangement of the foundation, walls, ceilings, roofs, installation of doors, windows.

Exterior finish.   Insulation, facade finishing according to the technology chosen by the customer.

Interior decoration.   Arrangement of a draft, finishing floor, finishing of walls, ceilings, installation of stairs, electrical installation, etc.

Accomplishment.   Installation of fences, arrangement of paths, playgrounds, lawns, gardening, installation of street lighting.


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