Cold suture injection

Cold suture injection is a technology for protecting foundations, walls, supports of horizontal ceilings buried in the ground from water. The injection method makes it possible to make structures waterproof without requiring the dismantling of the building.

Cold joint of concreting

Cold joint of concreting- a joint that appears during the gradual laying of the concrete mixture. In other words, it is formed when liquid concrete is poured onto already hardened concrete.

Cold joints are most vulnerable to moisture leakage leading to failure. In addition to defects in the concrete structure, reinforcement begins to rust, and the integrity of the building may be compromised.

Seams are usually located in columns, flat or ribbed floor slabs, foundations, beams.


Stages of waterproofing works:

  • Shtroblenie (grooving) Cold Seam Concreting;
  • Cleaning, sealing with repair agent;
  • Hole drilling;
  • Installation of packers for the introduction of injection materials;
  • Sealing joints with polyurethane foam;
  • Secondary sealing of seams with polyurethane resin;
  • Dismantling of packers, sealing with a repair compound;
  • Diamond grinding of the defect site;
  • Treatment with coating waterproofing mixtures.

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