Craks injection

Craks injection is a process of restoring the integrity of a building structure by high-pressure injection of superfluid materials. The technology is used to restore the physical and operational characteristics of reinforced concrete, stone and brick structures and structures

Structural cracks

Structural cracks are defects that reduce the bearing capacity of an object. They are formed due to design errors, violations of the operating conditions of the structure, with an increase in loads on it.

Non-constructive cracks are formed during shrinkage, including plastic, temperature changes, due to damage to the reinforcement. The presence of such cracks is not dangerous. But active leaks in them sometimes lead to the destruction of concrete.

It is necessary to inject such areas in the same way as cold concreting joints. In the same way, waterproofing of the joints of building structures (floors, walls, window and door openings) is also carried out.


Stages of waterproofing works:

  • Shtroblenie (grooving) Cold Seam Concreting;
  • Cleaning, sealing with repair agent;
  • Hole drilling;
  • Installation of packers for the introduction of injection materials;
  • Sealing joints with polyurethane foam;
  • Secondary sealing of seams with polyurethane resin;
  • Dismantling of packers, sealing with a repair compound;
  • Diamond grinding of the defect site;
  • Treatment with coating waterproofing mixtures.

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