Construction services of «KMC» company are known for their quality and reliability. The construction company «KMC» conducts its activities with high responsibility and attentiveness to customers.

Services of Construction Company «KMC»

Quality Services


Construction of houses

The company «K M C» builds private houses, cottages in the Paphos region and throughout Cyprus. We carry out design, preparation of sites for development, supply of communications, construction, finishing works.


Reconstruction of buildings

The construction company «K M C» carries out the reconstruction of buildings and structures with high quality and reliability. This allows you to improve their characteristics, eliminate wear, change the purpose of the object.


General construction works

The company «K M C» performs general construction works for objects of various types. We work with low-rise, residential buildings, public, office and commercial buildings, industrial and production facilities.

Finishing works

Our Company performs fine and rough finishing of large facilities, including offices, country houses, shops, industrial premises. It begins after the completion of the construction or reconstruction of the facility, the installation of windows, the connection of communications.


Facade works

The company «K M C» carries out facade work for buildings under construction and in operation: residential buildings, commercial, public and industrial facilities. We work quickly and responsibly, we use quality materials and give a guarantee.


Roofing works

Roofing works are carried out when constructing new roofs, repairing or reconstructing existing roofs. Construction company «K M C» conducts them for any objects: residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, low-, medium-, high-rise buildings.

Waterproofing works of our company

Waterproofing protects building structures from moisture, increases their service life, helps maintain normal humidity inside the building.
The company «K M C» performs high-quality and timely waterproofing works during the construction, reconstruction, repair, finishing of buildings of any structure, including foundations, basement walls, ceilings and roofs.



INJECTION is the process of restoring the integrity of a building structure by high-pressure injection of superfluid materials. The technology is used to restore the physical and operational characteristics of reinforced concrete, stone and brick buildings and structures.
The injection method makes it possible to make structures waterproof without requiring the dismantling of the building.


Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Before buying a house, use the advice of a construction specialist from «K M C», who will visually inspect the house you are interested in for construction errors, damage that has appeared and construction work performed in bad faith.
The specialist will warn about possible negative consequences after buying a house in connection with violations identified during construction.

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