Roofing works

Roofing works are carried out when constructing new roofs, repairing or reconstructing existing roofs. Construction company «KMC» conducts them for any objects: residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, low-, medium-, high-rise buildings.

Roofing works

Our services:

  • design: development of an architectural solution, calculation of structures, selection of materials, technologies for carrying out work, the formation of technical, estimate documentation, a work organization plan;
  • construction of a supporting structure: for flat or pitched roofs, from reinforced concrete slabs, metal profiles or beams, wooden beams, beams;
  • construction works: installation of insulating layers, installation of roofing, implementation of the main components of the roof;
  • installation of additional elements: drains, ventilation components, passage elements, safety elements;
  • repair: strengthening the supporting structure, replacing the elements of the roofing pie, repairing or replacing the coating.

Technologies and materials

Flexible roof. Bituminous tiles are used for pitched, domed, hip roofs. During its installation, a continuous flooring device is performed. The coating is laid on top of it on a layer of waterproofing or underlayment with mechanical fastening, gluing or fusing.

Metal tiles and other sheet materials. They are laid on an ordinary crate with mechanical fastening. To perform the main units, additional elements and components are used.

Piece materials. The tile is laid on a reinforced ordinary crate with mechanical fastening after the installation of the roofing pie.

Rolled, built-up and other materials for flat roofs. They are laid on a solid base with gluing or fusing.


Roofing works performed:

Construction company «KMC» performs:

  • installation of new roofs for buildings under construction. It is possible to carry out work at any stage: installation of a supporting structure, installation of a roofing pie, laying a coating, installation of accessories, components, additional and other roofing elements;
  • roof reconstruction. It involves a change in its design, an increase in strength, the use of new materials as part of a roofing pie or for a coating device. During reconstruction, you can change the purpose of a flat roof: make it exploitable;
  • roof repair. It is carried out after examination of the existing roof, assessment of its condition. It is possible to replace or strengthen elements of the supporting structure, install new insulation, waterproofing films or membranes. During the repair, the old roofing is dismantled and the new roofing is laid. The type of coating can be changed (for example, lay bituminous tiles instead of profiled sheets).

    The construction company «KMC» performs roofing work with the conclusion of a contract. It is possible to organize the supply of the object: selection and supply of materials for roofing, equipment, machinery for work.


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