Foundations injection

Foundations injection is the process of restoring the integrity of a building structure by high-pressure injection of superfluid materials. The technology is used to restore the physical and operational characteristics of reinforced concrete, stone and brick structures and structures


  The essence of the foundation injection method is the introduction of special compounds based on resins or quick-setting cements into concrete. These materials have such properties as good viscosity, ductility, low elasticity and high adhesion to concrete, foam concrete, brick. A particularly important characteristic is reduced elasticity, since during the introduction of the composition under pressure into cracks, due to excessive elasticity, fresh cracks may appear next to the repaired ones.


Stages of Injection Foundations

  • Training. At this stage, all dirt and dust is removed from the existing cracks and technological seams? a slight deepening of the seams is made.
  • Analysis. Immediately before the start of injection, the study of the object is carried out. In particular, corrosion of the reinforcing cage, the degree of damage to concrete, and the general condition of the structure are revealed.
  • Selection of composition for injection. Based on the data obtained during the analysis, specialists select the optimal composition for introduction into concrete.
  • Markup. On the foundation, points are marked at which injection will be performed.
    At the marked points, recesses are created for the introduction of injection equipment.
  • Cleaning. The created recesses are carefully blown out with compressed air before installing the injectors.
  • Foundation injection. Through the installed injectors, the selected mixture is injected into the thickness of the concrete using pumping equipment. The required pressure and the step of its increase during the operation are strictly maintained.
  • Completion. According to this method, the injection of the foundation continues when the maximum pressure is reached and maintained for three minutes.

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