Renovation of houses

The construction company «K M C» carries out the renovation of houses and structures with high quality and reliability. This allows you to improve their characteristics, eliminate wear, change the purpose of the object.

Renovation of houses

Advantages and process

The Renovation Experience

Company KMC throughout the years has renovated a lot of residential and commercial buildings including houses, apartments, offices, hotels.          

Secrets of quality home renovation.

Everyone wants the repair of his house to be completed safely and with the expected result. But, unfortunately, the quality of modern renovation of apartments sometimes leaves much to be desired.
The concept of quality repair for each individual, but the general principles are still similar. The result of the work performed should be a visual high-quality finishing coating of the floor and walls, geometrically correct laying of tiles on the floor and walls, aligned with the level of the walls and ideal ceilings. This is the necessary minimum, which will show the level of skill of specialists and the quality of the materials used.
Specialists of the construction company «KMS» have extensive experience in the complex repair of houses, villas and residential buildings.

The Process

  • Have the floor plan at hand & meet the designer to discuss the requirements
  • After the initial meeting , the designer will come up with a quotation based on your renovation needs.
  • After agreeing on the proposal, a professional consultation officially begins.
  • When you are happy with the quotation you may formally proceed to sign the contract so the work can start at your preferred date

Reporting and Cost Control

During the renovation process, we will provide up-to-date information with respect to changes that have occurred. 

Why the company «KMC»?

We carry out a full cycle of works, from design to fine finishing and commissioning of the finished object. We can also perform individual renovation-related tasks.

We work quickly and efficiently. A large staff of specialists, our own fleet of vehicles, all the necessary equipment, as well as experience in the renovation of various facilities.

Work organization. We provide supplies. We can renovate the building without stopping its functioning. We strictly adhere to deadlines and schedules.

We renovate any buildings: shopping, office centers, industrial buildings, public buildings, medical facilities, residential buildings and others.

We guarantee the quality of services, strict adherence to technology, as well as building codes and other standards.

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