INJECTION is the process of restoring the integrity of a building structure by high-pressure injection of superfluid materials. The technology is used to restore the physical and operational characteristics of reinforced concrete, stone and brick structures and structures


Concrete injection

Foundations injection


Injection waterproofing

The principle of performing work by the injection method

 The main scope of the injection method is the elimination of construction errors that cause leaks. The injection of a hydrophobic composition is carried out where the protrusion of moisture is localized. At intervals of 30-50 cm, a series of small holes are drilled. The distance between the rows, the angle of drilling depend on the thickness of the base. A packer is mounted in each recess. It serves for sealing, acts as a fitting for connecting the pump.

 Most injection mixes set quickly (15 to 30 minutes). This factor is used to determine the pressurization and holding time. The pressure at the beginning of the exposure decreases, as the mixture is distributed over the pores of the building material. When the pressure stabilizes, this means that the voids are filled to the maximum, and the composition began to harden. After curing, the holes from under the packers are sealed with cement with expansion properties. The surface is impregnated or coated with protective coatings.


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Materials for Injection method

Material Properties and purpose
​MasterInject 1360 MasterInject 1360 is a two part low viscosity injection resin. Designed for low or high pressure injection or gravity flow into cracks in concrete to maintain the structural integrity of cracked areas.
MasterRoc MP 355 Thix MasterRoc MP 355 Thix is a two-component, solvent-free polyurethane injection resin specially designed to quickly stop water in difficult conditions (flowing water).
MasterFlow 150

Masterflow 150 — two -component, slightly thixotropic, fluid epoxy resin. Provides high chemical and mechanical resistance, as well as strong adhesion to most common building materials. MasterFlow 150 is a two-component, solvent-free liquid epoxy suitable for fasteners, construction joints and anchors.

YURU — Epoxy Resin Yu Ru Multifunctional Crack Repair Leak Stop Compound Epoxy Resin Injection Grout
YURU — polyurethane foam Waterproof material injection for grouting concrete repairing grout injection. Function — Injection Resin.  Usage — Engineering Construction Waterproofing.

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