Walls injection

Walls injection is a technology for protecting foundations, walls, supports of horizontal ceilings buried in the ground from water. The injection method makes it possible to make structures waterproof without requiring the dismantling of the building.


Cracks are rightfully considered the most famous and common defect in brickwork. Many people notice them while inspecting brick structures. In order for cracks not to cause more serious damage to the building, it is necessary to eliminate defective areas as soon as possible.



Injection of brickwork is carried out using a mixture based on cement, polymers or cement-polymer. The most effective are polymer mixtures based on epoxy resin. But this option is quite expensive and not always appropriate. Recently, cement-polymer material is gaining great popularity, where a successful combination of cement and polymer components is made.

Professional builders note that after injection, not only all defects disappear, but also the strength of the structure increases significantly.

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