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What is construction management?

Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized project management techniques to oversee the planning, coordinating, monitoring and controlling of a construction project from beginning to end. Construction management may be provided by a general contracting firm as part of the services offered. There are also construction management firms that provide management services.

What is a construction manager?

A construction manager is someone who plans, coordinates, budgets and supervises construction projects from development to completion. They may be employed by a general contractor or a construction management firm.
Often, they meet with architects, trade employees, engineers and other members of the project team during an active project. They regularly address emergencies, work delays, or other problems that affect the construction project they are managing. A construction manager maintains a wide focus on the project. They set schedules, monitor finances, and are responsible for keeping the project on schedule, within budget, and executed as determined by the project plans.

What are the 5 stages of building construction?

The five stages of construction are:
— Initiation
— Planning
— Execution
— Monitoring
— Completion
To optimize the investment in your construction management services, it is best to get your construction management provider involved as early in the process as possible. Your construction management provider has technical expertise in the field of construction and can offer additional value to your project the sooner they are a part of your project team.

What is preconstruction?

Preconstruction is part of the planning stage of a construction project. It involves the definition of the project, identification of potential issues, planning and scheduling, scope, cost estimation, and analysis of needs for the construction project.
Proper preconstruction can help you locate time and money-saving opportunities and help inform future decision-making. These services are also a helpful tool for the project owner to better understand the project before committing to a general contractor. It is typically a standalone service and fee separate from construction costs.

What does a general contractor do?

General contractors supervise part or all of a construction project. General contractors may specialize in all or some types of construction. Usually, a construction project specializes in one or many types of building like commercial, residential, or industrial. General contractors manage and hire subcontractors while acting as the primary contractor with construction clients. General contractors can be hired by business and property owners, construction management firms, and other construction companies.

What are the steps to manage a construction project?

The steps in managing a construction project may vary drastically depending on the type of project, its general conditions, and on the general contractor or construction manager’s methodology.
— Typically, the first step is to establish a project plan which is essentially a game plan for your construction project.
— Following the project plan, a detailed schedule will be created.
— Once a plan and schedule are established, execution and monitoring take place and continue through project turnover.

What are hard costs in construction?

Hard costs in construction are tangible costs that can be quantified and are related to the physical construction, to include labor and material, whereas soft costs are expenses that are not directly related to construction costs.
Included in hard costs are all of the costs for the visible improvements like grading, excavation, concrete, framing, electrical, carpentry, roofing, and landscaping. Hard costs contrast to soft costs which are those related to non-physical elements.

How is KMC Construction’s process different from others in the industry?

KMC Construction uses a people-first approach to construction. We are systematic in our approach to construction management.
First, we set forth to build trust with our clients. We want our clients to select KMC Construction for their project because they believe we are the best for their project. That means we take time to get to know our clients, their needs, and what’s important to them.
Once we’ve determined that your project is a good fit, we build value by using our experience and passion to find ways to enhance the construction experience. We are value generators and are always looking for ways to ‘wow’ our clients.

What can I expect when working with KMC Construction?

When you work with KMC Construction you can expect best-in-class service, candid conversations, and a trusted source for all of your construction needs. We live by a code of honor at KMC Construction. That code is to put people first, act with integrity, and strive for excellence. Simply put, we love what we do and seek to be a value-partner for our clients.

Do I have to use all of KMC Construction’s services, or can I use them for different parts of my project?

Our services are available in-total or in-part. For us to be most effective, we like to be involved with your project as early in the planning stage as possible. This gives us the ability to leverage our expertise to locate time and cost-savings and other value-added opportunities. The best way to determine what services are most useful for your project is to speak to one of our construction experts.

What industries does KMC Construction have experience in?

KMC Construction is experienced in single and multi-family, luxury residential building and commercial construction with expertise in high-end hospitality, restaurant, and retail construction.

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