Reconstruction of buildings

The construction company «K M C» carries out the reconstruction of buildings and structures with high quality and reliability. This allows you to improve their characteristics, eliminate wear, change the purpose of the object.

Reconstruction of buildings


  Reconstruction of buildings allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • Repair or restoration, elimination of wear and other deficiencies, restoration of foundations, ceilings, load-bearing walls or other structures, increasing their strength.
  • Modernization: installation of new engineering systems, equipment, use of improved insulating materials, renovation of individual structures (window blocks, stairs, etc.).
  • Elimination of certain shortcomings, for example, the arrangement of a more convenient entrance group, an increase in too small window openings, the expansion of narrow corridors, galleries inside the building.
  • Changing the layout: changing the purpose or location of the premises, moving walls, partitions, exits of engineering systems.
  • Expansion of the area: construction of additional floors or extensions.
  • Change of purpose, including the conversion of residential buildings into non-residential buildings or vice versa.

    Reconstruction increases investment attractiveness. It makes the building more comfortable, functional, brings it into line with current standards, increases its service life. At the same time, it allows you to save unworn structures and other elements, which optimizes costs. It is often more profitable to reconstruct a building compared to demolition and subsequent construction.


How is the reconstruction of buildings carried out?

   The KMC company reconstructs buildings, structures, performing work in the following order:

Survey. Surveys are carried out, the condition of the site and the building, communications, structures, equipment is assessed.

Design. Development of design documentation, which defines the goals, objectives of the reconstruction, the technologies used, materials, the procedure for organizing work.

Object preparation. Dismantling of worn out or interfering building structures, equipment, finishing materials.
Main stage. Repair, restoration of worn-out structures, redevelopment, construction of extensions, finishing, installation work.

Delivery of the object. Quality control of work performed, organization of acceptance.
Additionally, landscaping of the adjacent territory, renovation of engineering systems, installation of specialized equipment (for example, production lines for industrial facilities) can be carried out.

Why the company «KMC»?

We carry out a full cycle of works, from design to fine finishing and commissioning of the finished object. We can also perform individual reconstruction-related tasks.

We work quickly and efficiently. A large staff of specialists, our own fleet of vehicles, all the necessary equipment, as well as experience in the reconstruction of various facilities.

Work organization. We provide supplies. We can reconstruct the building without stopping its functioning. We strictly adhere to deadlines and schedules.

We reconstruct any buildings: shopping, office centers, industrial buildings, public buildings, medical facilities, residential buildings and others.

We guarantee the quality of services, strict adherence to technology, as well as building codes and other standards.

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