Floor sanding

Sanding the floor removes rough edges, leaving a dense, smooth surface. The sanded surface does not require a protective coating.

Floor sanding

Properly executed grinding adds to the practicality of the surface, since the need to spend huge amounts of money on its maintenance disappears. After sanding, the moisture resistance of the floor increases. The coating becomes more durable, which allows it to be used in conditions of heavy traffic or people.

Sanding of concrete is carried out with or without subsequent polishing. After polishing, no additional coating is applied to the floor surface. If grinding is carried out without polishing, then the floor becomes rough after processing and it can be applied with a protective, impregnating or finishing coating, which is decorative.

Grinding is also indispensable in case of severe wear of a stone or concrete floor, with destruction of the top coating. After removing the worn layer, the coating returns to its original strength. Using sanding, you can eliminate deformation of individual areas of the floor, eliminate cracks and chips, and get rid of ripples.


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