Floor improvement

Floor improvement — these are special measures for polishing concrete, marble, granite floors, as well as the creation of self-leveling floors using polymer and epoxy mixtures.

Services of the company «KMS» for improving the floor

Quality Services

Concrete floor polishing

Polishing concrete eliminates roughness, leaving a dense, smooth surface. A polished concrete surface does not need a mandatory protective coating.


Marble floor polishing

Polishing the marble floor makes it easy to emphasize the status of the building. The polished surface acquires a bright, natural color and a luxurious sheen.


Granite floor polishing

Polishing a granite floor completes the stone treatment process. It is carried out with small abrasives, and gives the polished matte surface a shine and a finished look.


Polymer floors

Polymer floors is a kind of protective and decorative coating on a single-component or multi-component basis. The material is easy to lay, the service life is at least 20 years.

Our works and equipment

The construction company «KMS» has vast experience in grinding and polishing floors of various types. You can see photos of our works and our equipment in the gallery on the «Our Works» page.

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